Alfa Forno Ciao Pizza Oven - Yellow
Item#: 47700003

Bring style and efficiency together cohesively with this Alfa Forno Ciao Pizza Oven - Yellow. With the many cooking options that this oven offers, you will bring the performance loved from fine Italian restaurants right to your outdoor home gatherings or any outdoor event.


  • Outdoor refractory brick hearth oven
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around your deck or to any outdoor get together
  • Great for cooking, grilling, baking, or just to commune and enjoy the fire
  • Authentic Italian wood burning style oven quickly heats up and is ready to cook in under 20 minutes
  • Comes complete with the vent, smokestack, and built in thermometer

This outdoor refractory brick hearth oven brings the authentic Italian cooking style with a modern creative look and feel to any outdoor event or gathering. With its lightweight design and wheeled cart, you can take the thrill of this incredible oven anywhere you go. The cart is easily put together, and the oven is fully assembled and ready to begin your journey to a whole new outdoor cooking experience.

The Alfa Forno Ciao Pizza Oven - Yellow brings diversity to your outside cooking experience, as well as adding a modern style with its fully insulated stainless steel arch and powder coated yellow painted dome. This stunning outdoor pizza oven brings efficiency with all three cooking styles, including radiant, conduction, and convection cooking methods, in one oven.


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