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PGS Rotisserie Kit with Light for Big Sur Grills
Item#: 4080024

The PGS Rotisserie Kit with Light for Big Sur Grills is the perfect addition to your new barbecue grill, making different cooking styles possible. The stainless steel kit was designed to perfectly cook larger meats that can be difficult to maneuver, and its heavy duty construction gives it phenomenal durability in any weather environment.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Evenly cooks your favorite meats
  • Perfectly fits with the Big Sur grill series
  • Attached light for night cooking
  • Completely weatherproof

This kitchen component is designed for the Big Sur grill series, working together to evenly cook your meat, while keeping its moist flavors. Providing your grill with the ability to slowly rotate your chicken or turkeys, you can now enjoy a thorough and flavorful meal. This kit is featured with an attached light, which makes it possible to grill those late-night meals.


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