4' Lutyens Bench - Black Lacquer
Item#: 1182232

Here we have our gorgeous 4' Lutyens Bench - Black Lacquer fashioned of eucalyptus grandis. This bench is finished with black polyurethane giving it an even color. This bench is as comfortable as it is beautiful with its high back and rounded arms!

For centuries, the bench was the only seating available to the common people. The simplest benches were constructed like stools. A long thick plank or split log formed the seat and four sturdy legs were wedged into holes bored into the ends. Since then, benches have evolved into an independent category of furniture implicit to shared seating, a place for conversation or a roomy single seat with additional space to function as a side table.

This bench can be placed anywhere one might need a short rest it creates a truly comfortable entertaining space.


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