Brown Rain Catcher Water Barrel - 54 Gallons
Item#: 1182522

Rain barrels are becoming extremely popular items among those who wish to make the most of our natural resources. And they are especially resourceful in areas where watering restrictions are becoming tighter.

Like the old-fashioned rain barrel look but want something more sturdy and practical? Then the Brown Rain Catcher Water Barrel is your answer. This barrel is constructed of high quality UV stable polyethylene and is quick and easy to set up and use. It comes with a 3' hose attachable to the very bottom of the rain barrel. Having a bottom water outlet gives access to the entire 54 gallon capacity.

54 gallons of water will do wonders for your lawn and garden but it can be tempting for children to play in and for animals to drink. The Rain Catcher Water Barrel comes with a mesh screen to keep bugs and animals out of your precious water. It also has a rigid plastic support grid to keep children from playing in the water as well.

The more rain fall you have the more rain you can collect. Don't lose overflow rain water in a large storm by purchasing two or more of these barrels and linking them together with the included link kit. This rain barrel has two over flow ports to allow easy linking to multiple barrels. Initially when shipped to you both of these ports are blocked, simply open them as you need them. With the Rain Catcher Water Barrel by YIMBY water conservation has become simple and practical.


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