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Broilmaster Premium P4X Gas BBQ Grill Head
Item#: N3840141

The Broilmaster Premium P4X Gas BBQ Grill Head will give you the best of two grilling worlds - conventional and infrared! With the combination of infrared and standard blue flame burners, you'll become an expert grill master in no time!


  • 20,000 BTUs infrared and 18,000 BTUs blue flame
  • Grilling surface area: 695 sq. in.
  • Durable stainless steel components
  • One stainless steel V-channel & one stainless steel rod cooking grid
  • Natural gas or propane configuration available

The Broilmaster Premium P4X Gas BBQ Grill Head features dual control for indirect cooking, grilling, and roasting. The electronic ignition offers many years of instant lighting, while the heat indicator reads from 100º-1000ºF for perfect temperature and timing control. The multi-position lid stop will allow you to control the heat and smoke. With a thick cast aluminum grill head, the grill will heat uniformly, maintain its temperature, and transmit more heat to your food.

With the infrared burner, you will have independent burner management, three-level adjustable cooking grids, and multi-position lid stop. The infrared burner provides a broader temperature range - as low as 350º - and control unmatched in other infrared grills. This cooking versatility lets you sear steaks, chicken or chops, indirectly cook a roast or turkey, and even bake pizza and cookies. The two burners generate up to 800ºF at the surface to instantly vaporize drippings and as in most high-end restaurants, use infrared energy to cook foods to perfection.

With its two burner styles, three-level adjustable cooking grids and multi-position lid stop, this hybrid grill combines the latest infrared grilling technology along with conventional gas grilling under one hood. The result is exceptional cooking versatility.


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