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Lynx Sedona 30" ProSear Gas Grill
Item#: N4140341

Setting the standard for premium outdoor entertainment, the Lynx Sedona 30" ProSear Gas Grill accomplishes dinner with flavor and style. Overall, you find that this Lynx grill gives attention to the small details while also offering standard features that other grills don’t have.


  • Infrared ProSear burner comes standard
  • Blue LED control illumination
  • Stainless steel grilling grates
  • Hood assist kit for easy open and closing
  • Ceramic briquettes for even heat distribution

The first thing that you notice when looking at the Lynx Sedona 30" ProSear Gas Grill is the stainless steel welded construction. Lynx craftsmen use the heli-arc welding method, forming precision pieces into a solitary body. This allows for easy cleaning of the grill and its components and gives it the distinct Lynx look.

The infrared ProSear burner comes standard with this kit giving you the ability to sear in the flavor of your meat while putting the finishing touches on corn at the same time. Sitting above the standard burner are ceramic briquettes that absorb heat and distribute it evenly throughout the grilling surface, ensuring consistent, uniform cooking. The Lynx hood assist kit makes opening a bulky 40 pound hood possible with just one finger!


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