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ProFire Bravo Kamado Built-In Grill
Item#: 5130138

Take pleasure in knowing whether you are grilling burgers, searing fish, or smoking ribs, the ProFire Bravo Kamado Built-In Grill is an ideal product for all your outdoor cooking needs. The one inch thick ceramic walls along with large fire bowl allow for better heat retention and even heat circulation.


  • Stainless Steel lid shock absorber
  • Bamboo lid handle
  • Large thermometer on top of grill lid to keep track of grilling temperature
  • Cast Aluminum dual-action top vent allows for faster starting, searing, and heat adjustment
  • Stainless Steel bottom vent

The commercial-grade stainless steel bands, hinges, springs, and hardware make it more resistant to rust, and the stainless steel lid shock absorber protects ceramic by softening the closure of the lid. Additionally, this grill comes with a hinged, stainless steel grid that permits you to add charcoal easily without having to remove the entire grid.

Created with high-quality ceramic and commercial-grade stainless steel, the ProFire Bravo Kamado Built-In Grill gives you the flexibility to sear, grill, or smoke foods.


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