53" Leaf Chiminea with Grill
Item#: 1720024

Our unique and charming 53" Leaf Chiminea with Grill is a sure conversation starter for any outdoor setting. This chiminea is outfitted with a unique flower and leaf motif and comes with included grills, making the design both charming and useful. Its also finished with a high-grade polyester powder coat finish to provide a long lasting, beautiful veneer that will maintain its appearance for years to come with minimal maintenance.


  • Antique Pewter Polyester Powder Coat finish
  • Constructed from durable cast iron
  • 20"L x 20"W x 53"H
  • Wood burning unit
  • Flower and leaf motif

The 53" Leaf Chiminea with Grill is coated with a protective finish and fire-resistant paint.

Due to the high heat produced in the 53" Leaf Chiminea with Grill, some of its protective finish may wear off. When this happens, the chances of rusting are greatly increased. You may choose to prevent this by curing the chiminea.

To cure the chiminea, light a small fire using only kindling and keep it burning for about an hour. After an hour, light a full fire and burn for an additional hour then let the chiminea cool down.

Another way to inhibit rusting is to spray the chiminea with black High temperature paint and then wipe the paint off before it is dry. This will create a laquer finish to help protect the chiminea in the harsh outside environment.

To inhibit rusting in smaller areas, use sandpaper to smooth out the surface, wipe off any dust, and then spray High temperature paint over the affected area.


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