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CompoMix Pyramid Composter - 70 Gallons
Item#: 2690033

Simplify your backyard composting practices with the CompoMix Pyramid Composter - 70 Gallons. This compost tumbler has it all - style, eco-conscious design and cutting edge technology. It's made of durable recycled materials and designed to specifically address the challenge of breaking down your kitchen scraps and garden waste at the fastest rate possible. In composting, these waste materials need heat, moisture and plenty of oxygen to break down quickly. The 50 Gallon Ecomposter combats these problems through its innovative shape and breakthrough air flow system. The patented internal air tube system draws in an open flow of air from the outside and pulls it to the center of the compost pile. This fresh air will aid in keeping unpleasant odors at bay.


  • Easy to open top and portable design
  • Double walled construction
  • Creates nutrient rich compost in as little as four to six weeks

Because it only requires household tools for assembly, you'll find that the CompoMix Pyramid Composter - 70 Gallons has been produced with your convenience in mind. It comes with easy to read picture assembly instructions and should take only about an hour to assemble in its entirety. This model includes a compost cart for easy mobility and is designed to keep rodents and small animals out. Purchase this compost bin and watch as your garden flourishes with the long-term benefits of quality compost material.


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