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Ecotype Composter - 115 Gallon Bin
Item#: 2900579

This Ecotype Composter - 115 Gallon Bin provides a cost-effective way to transform kitchen scraps and garden waste into food for microorganisms. Its unique construction enables air circulation and speeds up the composting process so that you'll be able to have a constant source of compost material without a lot of wait time in between.

  • Easy to assemble - no tools required
  • Transported in an economical shipping size
  • Built from 90% recycled materials

With the Ecotype Composter - 115 Gallon Bin, you'll have easy access to the compost from all four sides. This compost bin is designed with a single lid that is able to be locked open, making it easier to load and stir the compost. It's also outfitted with a Wind-Safe snap lock cover, ensuring that outdoor pests will be kept out!


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