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Green Johanna Hot Composter
Item#: 2440002

The Green Johanna Hot Composter is different from a standard compost bin because it is designed to be rodent proof and is well insulated. This means that the composting process is quicker than in a standard compost bin and you can put in all types of food waste, including cooked food, bones, fish and meat, which should not be added to a standard compost bin.

A superior hot composting unit, designed with patented ventilation and interlocking rings for animal resistance. This compost bin also features an aerator. Adding air speeds up the composting process as it enables the bacteria that break down your kitchen and garden waste to work effectively.

This composter allows you to remove all organics, including yard waste, is designed for shaded areas or continuously cool/cold environments and generates great compost for use in your garden!

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