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Green Johanna Hot Composter with Winter Jacket
Item#: 2440003

The Green Johanna Hot Composter with Winter Jacket is different from a standard compost bin because it is designed to be rodent proof and is well insulated. This means that the composting process is quicker than in a standard compost bin and you can put in all types of food waste, including cooked food, bones, fish and meat, which should not be added to a standard compost bin.

The Green Johanna features a winter jacket which can be used to accelerate the composting process. The winter jacket helps to speed up the composting process in wintertime when the composting process slows down due to low air temperature. The jacket should be fitted when the average temperature falls below 40° F and removed when the temperature is consistently above 50° F. It is important to remember to remove the jacket when the temperature rises. This is because if the compost becomes too hot the creatures which make compost can die, halting the composting process.

It is important that you put both green (wet) and brown (dry) materials into your composter. A good starting point is to use one part brown materials to two parts green. Green materials are wet and contain lots of nitrogen. They break down quickly and help to keep the compost moist. Brown materials contain lots of carbon. They break down more slowly and add structure to your compost. It is important to have structure within your compost to create air pockets which allow air to circulate and enable the creatures which make your compost to breath and move around your compost.

Please do not place the following in your Green Johanna:

  • Cat or dog litter
  • Coal or coke ash (wood ash is ok)
  • Diseased plants
  • Diapers, glass, plastic or metal


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