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ThermoQuick Composter - 160 Gallons
Item#: 2800096

The ThermoQuick Composter - 160 Gallons is the latest easy to use compost bin. Tucked away in a corner of the garden with its discreet shape and color the composter performs its useful task: composting vegetables, fruit, and garden waste. This composter offers maximum absorption of the sun's heat because of the dark color and multiple well placed air slots guarantee optimal composting conditions. Built with 5-panels it easy to assemble. There is a removable access doors on all 4 sides and the lid opens straight up and stay up.

Composter features:

  • Corner clips keep sides locked together
  • Made of polypropylene plastic which is copolymer based – doesn't break in cold weather
  • Side panels have two “lid-grabbers” (hinges) at the top which hold the lid in place
  • Lid has a flat design with reinforcement ribs – for added strength


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