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Vinyl Garden Compost Bin
Item#: 1850079

This vinyl Compost Bin is attractive as well as functional. Compost makes an excellent soil additive and is one of nature's best mulches. Because it is created from your scraps and your yard waste, compost is cheap and can save you a lot of money in fertilizers and even mulch. You make compost without spending one extra cent. Adding compost to your soil will improve soil structure, texture, and aeration while increasing the water holding capacity. Organic gardeners have realized the values of composting for years. Made in the USA.

Note: The Compost Bin is boxed unassembled for easy handling and reduced shipping cost.
Item Features Include:

  • Removable front rails feature handle cutouts for added convenience when adding or removing compost
  • Maintenance Free
  • Will not fade, crack, peel or rot
  • No need to paint
  • 20 year warranty


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