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Wishing Well Composter
Item#: 2990001

The Wishing Well Composter will be a wish come true for avid composters and gardeners! This 134 gallon composter will turn out 18 cubic feet of compost for you. Made of 100% post consumer high-density polyethylene this bin measure 36" in diameter and 30" tall. The thermoformed lid has a central rainwater hole and lifts off completely for easy compost loading.

Molded brick pattern offers a unique look and the black color retains heat to accelerate the compost process. The base has 1/2" air slots for ventilation and a 2' gate at the base with a handle for easy access to fresh compost! Included plastic stakes help keep this composter secured to the ground. The stainless steel hardware is included and it is easy to assemble.


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