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Compost Tea

Compost Tea takes your compost farther! Use compost that you have already made, or purchase pre-made compost to use in your compost tea brewer. Brewing a fresh batch of compost tea is the perfect way to make your compost go the extra mile. In a compost tea brewer, compost is steeped in water for a predetermined amount of time. Air is forced through the mixture, oxygenating the brew and multiplying beneficial bacteria, fungi and organisms. These compost tea brewers ensure that every element is properly mixed for maximum growth potential. The resulting tea can be applied in a variety of ways and the original compost used is still nutrient rich enough to apply directly to your soil!


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Compost Tea Brewers are the perfect addition to any composting system. Compost tea is rich in beneficial bacteria and fungi, along with organisms like nematodes and protozoa. By steeping compost in water and aerating this mixture, these items will multiply at an amazing rate! The resulting brew injects life into root systems and protects leaves from common plant disease.


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