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Compost Tea System - 10 Gallons
Item#: 2890001

The Compost Tea System - 10 Gallons is a tea brewer that is ideal for homeowners, small nursery operations and research environments. This model delivers reliable performance with greater portability and convenience. The patented Compost Tea System™ is designed for durability, ease of use, and years of safe and consistent operation.

This 10 gallon tea brewer features a patented design, industrial grade components, easy maintenance and fine bubble diffusion technology. Fine bubble diffusion technology is a constant dynamic aeration process. Each fine bubble diffusion aeration disc has more than 4,000 engineered perforations that provide consistent air bubble size and velocity. This constant aeration process ensures maximum oxygen transfer efficiency, creating an optimum environment for reproduction of beneficial microorganisms. The compost tea solution is thoroughly mixed by the fine bubble diffusion aeration process inside the tank, eliminating the need for external agitation. Each disc's perforations self-seal when the system is off, preventing back flow of compost tea into the air manifold. More than 4,000 1mm perforations in our fine bubble diffusion discs ensure optimum oxygen levels are maintained while providing thorough mixing of the compost tea solution.

After 24 hours, the compost tea brewing cycle is complete. Use your compost tea as soon as possible as it contains living microorganisms. Apply as a foliar spray or soil drench with a sprayer, watering can or other application equipment.

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