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Compost Tea Brewer - Professional - 5 Gallons
Item#: 3020002

The Compost Tea Brewer - Professional - 5 Gallons was developed to provide an organic solution for caring for plants and soil. This system creates compost tea that helps to eliminate the reliance on harmful pesticides, and minimize the use of chemical fertilizers.

How it works: the tea inoculates the plants and soil with the necessary microbes, that are often lacking in an urban setting, that the plant needs to ward off diseases and be healthier. It provides a safe, natural, and totally organic environment for your plants and soil!

This brewing system comes with a 5-gallon bucket lid, a high-velocity aerator, durable plastic tubing with circular coil technology and 3 compost tea food packs. The Aerator's power consumption is 110 volts single phase and a maximum output of 106.11 watts. The motor on this system has an extended life and is rated for 10,000 hours (416 brews).

Note: You may use any round 5-gallon bucket provided it has not had chemicals in it. You may also purchase a bucket at a local garden store or home depot.


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