Composting Bokashi - 2.2 lbs.
Item#: 3110031

This bag of Composting Bokashi - 2.2 lbs. is the perfect size for someone who's just getting started in composting. It consists of a synergistic consortium of targeted microorganisms, minerals, plant and animal by-products that are combined using an encapsulated technology to produce a fermented composted-like product. These microbes flourish without oxygen, breaking down organic matter through an anaerobic process. Bokashi uses the same fundamental fermentation process that gives us wine and pickles.


  • Practically odorless, making it perfect for small spaces
  • Quick fermentation process, rounding out at about two weeks
  • Used for bio-remediation of soil and wastewater, accelerated composting of foods/kitchen waste, crop residues and animal wastes

Your garden will flourish when fertilized with Composting Bokashi. House plants will bloom when watered with Bokashi juice, the liquid fertilizer by-product of your compost. Purchase the Composting Bokashi, and do your part to conserve the environment by recycling and redirecting food waste away from landfills.


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