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Barrel Compost Tumbler - 59 Gallons
Item#: 2450004

The extensive design of the Barrel Compost Tumbler - 8 Cubic Feet will allow this composter to hold over 250 pounds of composted material. This compost tumbler is created out tough durable material that will allow you to keep up with all of the compost needs you have for the season.

This tumbler barrel rests securely on a galvanized steel support frame which brings sturdy support for your compost tumbler. There is also an interior galvanized steel tumbler bar that helps shred and break up the material inside of the barrel. This tumbler bar will help you to turn over your compost material and break it down faster so that you can use it quicker.

The 22" lid on this tumbler is removable and has a tight seal to prevent it from leaking while you are turning your compost. The lid also has a drain in it so that you can easily obtain compost tea from the barrel without having to open up the entire barrel. Compost tea is that nutritious water mixture that plants just love! There is located in the lid a removable cap that will help you to maintain the temperature inside your barrel as well.

You won't have to wonder or worry what other material was stored in the barrel of this tumbler because this barrel hasn't been used for storing anything in it before it came to you. This durable barrel is made out of Ultra Violet resistant 80% recycled high density polyethylene that allows you years of dependable service. Another nice feature of this compost tumbler is that the height is perfect for unloading the compost into a wheel barrow without having to put a strain on your back.

Composting leftover fruits and vegetables, leaves, and grass clippings will give you are great fertile material to work into your landscaping. Using compost reduces the amount of fertilizer, water, and pesticides needed to produce healthy plants, and it is cheaper than artificial soils. You will love the fresh and healthy look of your garden when you continuously give your plants fresh healthy compost at little to no added cost to your budget!<\p>

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