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Insulated Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler - 70 Gallons
Item#: 4020002

Simplify your backyard composting practices with the Insulated Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler - 70 Gallons. This compost tumbler has been tested and evaluated in more than 450 households, earning high praise for its convenience, efficiency and ease of use. It's designed with insulated material, making it perfect to use in any climate and allowing you to continue your composting practices into the winter. You'll find that its two hatch-style access doors are perfect for convenient loading and unloading of compost material. This compost bin is also outfitted with a simple turn handle and rotates horizontally along a central axis, helping to evenly disperse compost materials throughout its dual chambers. By turning your compost tumbler regularly, you'll bring your fresh waste directly in contact with decomposing waste and allow air into the mixture, both of which are factors that will help to produce successful compost and keep odors at bay.


  • Excellent insulation permits internal temps to reach 160 degrees F, promoting active microbial activity despite the temperature outside
  • Compost tumbler is elevated above the ground, preventing rodents or other pests from getting in the machine
  • Made from galvanized sheet metal to ensure many years of rust protection

The Insulated Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler - 70 Gallons is one of the highest quality composters sold in Europe and is now available in the USA from Woodland Direct. It's ideally suited for larger households, Bed & Breakfast Inns, small restaurants, kindergarten classrooms and elder care facilities. Depending on how much waste is generated, these establishments should consider investing in more than one unit! Place this compost barrel in a hidden outdoor spot, and you'll collect an abundant harvest from your garden for years to come!


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