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Sun-Mar Garden Composter 400
- 100 Gallons -
Item#: 2460002

The Sun-Mar Garden Composter 400
- 100 Gallons -
will make compositing easy. This rotating composter will help to create a compost that is healthier for you plants. The patented double-drum design allows materials to go in the top and the compost exits automatically out the end as the drum rotates. The features of this unique Auto flow design are endless; the compost discharges automatically, it is pest proof, there is no waiting for batches to finish and it loads and turns easily.

This composter has a 11 bushel/100 gallon capacity. Made of high-quality polyethylene this composter stands 36" tall and is 42" long a great size to fit in your yard. This size makes it excellent for composting kitchen scraps and cut up materials from small gardens.

How it works: To fill your composter just slide the feed port open, add waste, shut the port and rotate the drum. The rotating drum will add oxygen to the compost and adds water when the compost gets dry. By adding a mixture of kitchen and regular yard waste into this composter it will be effective in the carbon to nitrogen ratio--for better, fast results, adding carbon-rich materials like sawdust, straw and dry leaves will help. These items will balance the nitrogen-rich green material and kitchen waste. When the compost drum is more than half full, unscrew and remove the output port, rotate the drum and the compost will dump into a bushel basket or other container. If you would like to remove the compost when the drum is less than half full just open the feed port and rotate the drum.


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