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Tumbling Composter - 55 Gallons
Item#: 3920019

This recycled Tumbling Composter - 55 Gallons will help take your yard and garden to the next level, while allowing you to make an environmentally conscious choice. At four feet tall, you'll be able to fit this tumbling composter in a small area for storage, though it requires an area of at least three feet by four feet for use. It also allows you to work at waist level, alleviating back strain from constantly bending over.


  • Made from a pre-used 55 gallon Food Grade barrel and plastic lumber frame that is 70% post consumer plastics
  • Relatively easy to turn
  • Inner tube is intended to allow oxygen in and moisture out
  • Internal cross bars positioned to break up compost material

Yard and garden aficionados will agree that the Tumbling Composter - 55 Gallons is the ideal solution to enhance the soil structure and plant growth on your property. It's easy to use and will provide your garden with the long-term benefits of quality compost material.


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