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Urban Compost Tumbler - 71 Gallons
Item#: 3090001

Easily create nutrient rich compost in 14 to 21 day with the Urban Compost Tumbler - 71 Gallons. Every plant enthusiast knows the advantage that quality compost has on your plants and flowers, but few have the time, space, or energy to create their own compost. The Urban Compost Tumbler has been designed and tested for ease of use to make it the perfect solution. It takes up minimal space and seals in unappealing odors. The patented Core Aeration System means you will get results in weeks, not months; and it renders top of the line compost.

This compost tumbler is easy to use and there is no constant turning of the compost piles. It is very low maintenance with no cranks or rollers to get clogged up, just rotate the barrel to start mixing. Provides insulation to aid in the heating of the compost and is portable and can be moved easily around the yard.

Made in the U.S.A. of 100% recycled plastic. All plastic is BPA free high-density polyethylene #7 plastic. This tumbler holds up to 9.5 cu. ft./7.6 bushels/71 gallons.


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