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Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets are the best way to minimize your impact on local sewer and water systems. The cost is much lower to install a composting toilet than to install a full septic system, plus there is the added benefit of turning waste into useable compost. Composting toilets can be self contained, or part of a system, where waste is deposited into a remote tank on a lower level. Save the environment while saving money. Composting toilets are a win-win purchase!


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Composting Toilets are a way to reduce dependency on local water and sewer systems while creating nutrient rich compost. These toilets are often used in cottages or small homes where they are considered a far superior alternative to the traditional outhouse. Start saving money, reducing waste, and benefitting your garden with a compost toilet from Woodland Direct. Our technical sales staff will be happy to aid you in choosing the right toilet for your dwelling.


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