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Sun-Mar Compact Electric Compost Toilet - White
Item#: 2460009

The Sun-Mar Compact Electric Compost Toilet - White is a low profile, medium capacity, electric composting toilet. This composting toilet incorporates a patented Bio-drum which ensures a fast and odorless decomposition. And a patented Bio-drum handle recesses into the body of the unit to mix and aerate the compost. This toilet is especially popular for use in cabanas, guest houses, light cottage use or any remote place where there is an electrical connection but no plumbing.

To install, simply plug into a regular 110V outlet and connect the supplied 2" vent stack. As with the Excel, a 2" vent stack attaches to the rear of the Compact. A 1/2" emergency drain at the rear offers protection against heavy or residential use, or prolonged power outage.

  • Seasonal capacity: 3 adults or families of 4
  • Residential use: 1 adult or family of 2


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