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Sun-Mar Excel AC/DC Compost Toilet - Beige
Item#: 2460008

The Sun-Mar Excel AC/DC Compost Toilet - Beige is designed for those with generators operating over 12 hours per day, or for people that expect to have continuous 110 volt power available in the future. The Excel AC/DC is a high capacity composting toilet which can be operated in electric or non-electric mode .

This composting toilet incorporates a patented Bio-drum which ensures a fast and odorless decomposition. The Excel AC/DC comes with the toilet and an AC/DC kit that is a standard 115 volt Excel unit, but with 1" safety drains at the rear and dual (2" and 4") vent stacks. The unit uses the regular 2" vent when 115 Volt power is available and defaults to the 4" non-electrical vent when it is not. A 12 volt 1.4 watt fan is included for use in the 4" vent. The 1" overflow drain on the Excel AC/DC should be connected if the unit is being used heavily in AC mode, and if it is being used in DC or non-electric mode. It will only evaporate all liquids while working in the AC mode continuously.

You will save thousands of gallons of water, while recycling waste into safe usable soil. The unit is shipped fully assembled and easily installed.

  • Seasonal capacity: 5 adults or families of 8
  • Residential use: 2 adults or families of 4


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