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Sun-Mar SpaceSaver Electric Compost Toilet - White
Item#: 2460011

The Sun-Mar SpaceSaver Electric Compost Toilet - White is specifically designed for places where space is extremely limited. With a width of only 19 1/2" and depth of 23" this medium-capacity, electric composting toilet occupies only slightly more floor space than a toilet seat. This composting toilet incorporates a patented Bio-drum which ensures a fast and odorless decomposition.

To install, simply plug into a regular 110V outlet and connect the supplied 2" vent stack. The three chamber unit is fitted with the high quality turbo-fan other electric unit have, the difference is a 3" vent stack is included. Evaporation is limited by the smaller heater and evaporating surface, so the safety drains should be connected.

  • Seasonal capacity: 3 adults or families of 4
  • Residential use: 1 adult or family of 2


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