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Here at Woodland Direct, we believe that heating a home isn't just about functionality - it's also about refinement. We offer a vast selection of the most emergent and innovative designs, spanning a collection of indoor and outdoor liquid heating solutions, in a variety of forms and utilities. We invite you to step into a world where fire is no longer bound by the hearth.

Ethanol Standing Fireplaces

Setting a precedent never before seen in indoor and outdoor heating comes our line of freestanding ethanol fireplaces. Sleek, sophisticated, and on the cutting edge of fireplace technology, these products make use of ethanol “denatured alcohol,” which is an environmentally safe and renewable fuel. Best of all, each unit is easily portable and simple to operate, making our gel fireplaces an convenient choice for any indoor or outdoor gathering.

Ethanol Wall Fireplaces

Entering a new world of indoor heating, our wall-mounted gel fireplaces bring an unrivaled sense of artistic levity to the studio, home, and establishment – and since they aren’t burning anything but bio-ethanol, these innovative works of art don’t produce any soot or smoke, meaning that your gel fireplace will leave nothing on your guests except a clean, welcoming warmth.

Ethanol Fireboxes & Burners

Flexibility is key when it comes to home accenting, and our line of gel burners and fireboxes are leading the market in innovation and performance. They don’t just look amazing either – our signature gel burners produce enough heat to warm an entire room, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Ethanol Fireplace Grates

Combining modern design with traditional charm, these gel fireplaces blend two worlds into one without losing the definitive allure of either. Most importantly, because these grates use ethanol denatured alcohol – which is a renewable bio-fuel – no toxins will be produced, meaning that you won’t need to worry about any smell, smoke, or soot.

Ethanol Fireplace Tables

You are one of a kind – and here at Woodland Direct, we recognize that you want to express your individuality with furniture that says something about you. Each gel burner we offer is built right into your desk, table – even bedside – in the pursuit of bringing fire and flame to the most intimate parts of your lifestyle.

Ethanol Decorative Fireplaces

Sometimes even the smallest of things can sell an image and complete a tone. We understand this better than anyone, and that’s why we specialize in eco-friendly green heating. We want to make the atmosphere of your apartment, home, or establishment something tangible – let us help you spread the heat in the most efficient and clean way possible.

Gel Fuel Fireplaces

While ethanol fireplaces take time to warm up, gel burners are ready to go instantly, meaning that you get the flame the second that you want it. Gel fireplaces also burn slower than ethanol, offering a thick, steady flare of color in stunning orange-yellow shades. Our gel fireplaces are top of the line, and we can guarantee your satisfaction if you’re looking for a slow, steady burn.

Gel Wall Mount Fireplaces

In homes and apartments across the country, indoor heating is seeing fresh, environmentally safe alternatives to burning gas and wood – here at Woodland Direct, we think that we should explore more than just the method of heating, but also the manner. It’s time to take the fire out of your hearth and into the way you live.

Gel Fuel Table-Top Fireplaces

The truth is that the best home accents are subtle – you don’t need to have the biggest, the wildest, or the newest just to make an impression. In fact, when it comes to light and living, we think that a simple touch – such as one of these tabletop fireplaces – is the perfect hint at a warm fireside; and when you use gel fuel, you don’t have to worry about your flame dying out anytime soon.

Ethanol & Gel Fuel Accessories

We know that days can be long, especially when it’s cold outside. That’s why we offer dozens of ethanol and gel fireplace accessories – so that when you’re finally home for the night, your fireside provides you nothing but rest and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to get the fire started or simply keep it going, let us ensure you’ve got everything you need.

UL Listed Fireplaces

When it comes to comfort, nothing is quite as soothing the knowledge that your family and friends are safe around your fireside. That’s why we offer ethanol and gel fireplaces that have been thoroughly tested to meet UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards, ensuring that your home is guarded the very best that it can be.

Made in USA Ethanol Fireplaces

For those of you interested in a little American ingenuity, we offer this line of ethanol and gel fireplaces, crafted right here in the United States. Built with a touch of artistic pride and domestic reliability, each one of these fireplaces has been stamped with a handcrafted feel that is sure to fulfill and surpass even the steepest of expectations.

Most Popular Ethanol Fireplaces

Looking for which fireplaces are setting the trends? Here at Woodland Direct, we want to give you the greatest variety possible, but we also understand that it can be hard to know what to look for from one product and the next. That’s why we’ve put together a list of which products our customers have chosen and loved, so that you can see at a glance which fireplaces have been tried and proven true.

Quick Ship Ethanol Fireplaces

Keeping warm with friends and family can only be made better when it happens sooner. If you’re in a rush to get your ethanol or gel fireplace in-home and burning fast, we can make it happen with any of these signature selections – meaning the only thing keeping you in the cold is the time it takes to decide which fireplace you want.

Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces Under $500

It’s easy to assume that ethanol and gel fireplaces this good must cost a fortune, but we believe that everyone should have a chance to experience superior heating. Starting with burners as low as $49.00, we offer a variety of simple and sophisticated styles that will serve as the perfect accent to any indoor or outdoor setting.

Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces $500 - $1000

Beginning the ascent from base value to refined quality, this line of ethanol and gel fireplaces carries the Woodland Direct standard at an affordable price bracket. We want you to rest assured that, although not everyone is willing to pay top dollar, we will never stop working to provide the creativity and the quality that our clients deserve.

Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces $1000 - $2000

Whether you’re in the market for a fireplace to last a lifetime, or you’re simply looking to re-shape the aesthetics of your home, we’ve crafted each of our ethanol and gel fireplaces with superior quality and charm that are sure to transform a room. Every dollar you spend is put to use to get you the best fireplace that money can buy.

Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces $2000 - $3000

Moving out of the lower-end categories and into a world of chic design, we’re proud to offer such sought-after brands as Planika and EcoSmart. Standing at the forefront of modern fireplace design, your satisfaction is guaranteed with any of these signature ethanol and gel burners – meaning that all you’ve got to do is decide which one is right for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces $3000 - $5000

Setting aside neither substance nor style, these brands reach even closer to the top of our list for reliable and elegant liquid heating. As connoisseurs of fashion with an artistic flourish, we want to provide you with the very premium of current and emerging products, designed to fit you and your taste no matter how advanced – or outside the box – it might be.

Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces Over $5000

You can’t put a price on superiority – but if you had to try, you would find it here. At the very top of our list for levity, luxury, and allure, you won’t find better fireplaces anywhere – we can guarantee it. Nothing sets a better precedent for creative thinking and clever ideas than a room burning with an ingenuity all its own.

Outdoor Ethanol & Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Ranging everywhere from table-top fireplaces to lanterns, torches, and fire pits, these ethanol and gel fireplaces break outside the confines of home and hearth and into the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a way to warm up poolside or set the tone on an autumn garden party, these signature burners capture the comfort of home and bring it to your backyard.

Traditional Ethanol & Gel Fuel Fireplaces

For those who are seeking a more traditional application of modern living, we offer a selection of ethanol and gel fireplace units that are built in a classic artisan style. With frames and mantels included, these fireplaces offer an alternative to gas and log burners without sacrificing class and time-tested design.

EcoSmart Fire Ethanol Fireplaces

Leading the way in innovative and stylistic designs, EcoSmart makes its name with fresh and unique products that push the line between fire and art – and though the priority may be beauty and charm, EcoSmart proves that their products are more than just a pretty face by employing some of the time designers in the field, such as Marc Philipp Veenendaal and Paul Cohen.

Planika Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces

Beginning with a simple bonfire under the red Ayers Rock, Planika has grown and developed into an industry leader in ethanol fireplaces. With careful attention given to the shape and form of each model, Planika uses only the highest grade materials to give their clients the most enjoyment out of some of the sleekest fireplaces on the market.

Real Flame Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces

For almost 30 years, Real Flame has been at the forefront of production and distribution of gel fireplaces. Real Flame takes your comfort so seriously that they even developed their own premium gel fuel, just to attain a better insight into the nature of gel fireplaces – and their hard work can be seen in every inch of their products.

Sunjel Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces

Pioneering the first and original gel fuel wall art, Sunjel offers a cheaper alternative to liquid heating, while refusing to skimp when it comes to bold lines and quality craftsmanship. Each of Sunjel’s products are built in the United States and designed with the environment in mind, ensuring the greatest amount of eco-friendly durability possible.

Venturi Flame Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces

Specializing in simple table-top ethanol burners, Venturi Flame is at the forefront of affordable alternative heating. There are times when a simple candle isn’t enough to set the right mood over an intimate dinner party – Venturi Flame provides a venue where you can bring the heat in a creative, eco-friendly way.

EPA Certified Fireplaces

Each and every one of these ethanol and gel fireplaces are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA,) meaning that you can burn confidently, knowing that your comfort doesn’t come at the cost of earth’s welfare. As you gather around the fire, do it with the knowledge that instead of burning another tree, you’re giving one back.

Bio Blaze Ethanol & Gel Fireplace

Bring the warmth of fire into your home without any of the messy clean-up. Bio Blaze Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces function on bio ethanol fuel and don't require any installation. Whether you live in a house or a loft, or choose to mount this fireplace outside on your patio, you'll appreciate that this unit won't release any smoke or gas, making it environmentally friendly.

Eco Feu Ethanol & Gel Fireplaces and Tabletops

Eco Feu Gel and Ethanol Fireplaces provide an international flair to any living space. Contemporary design combined with green architecture make these items a must have for the cosmopolitan office, apartment, or home. Add style and interest to your room with an Eco Feu.

Real Flame Gel Fuel

Gel Firebowls

Gel firebowls are a unique and trendy new way of adding light and interest to any outdoor setting. Simply add a can of alcohol fuel for flickering, long-lasting flames, and enjoy the romantic glow that they'll lend to your party.

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