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Match Lit Fire Pit Penta Burner Insert Kit - 18"
Item#: 1910926

The Match Lit Fire Pit Penta Burner Insert Kit - 18" is a sleek addition to your backyard entertainment area. Unique in construction, design, and style, this Penta burner is durable in any weather environment with its stainless steel construction. One of the only burners on the market with this 5-sided shape, the burner delivers a very uniform and full flame from one edge to the other. Hosting a different flame than most fire rings, this component shows off high-centered, radiant flames for hours.


  • 18" Penta 5-sided burner
  • Presents a high-centered flame
  • Provides up to 90,000 BTUs
  • Works with natural gas or liquid propane

Revealing a newly fashioned, unique design, this penta burner is carefully shaped to shed water. The burner is low profile, which requires less media to be used throughout every season. With its different look, this burner is ready to impress you and your guests.


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