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43" Vulsini Auto Ignition Commercial Fire Pit - Copper
Item#: N4500745

Set your destination to romance with the 43" Vulsini Auto Ignition Commercial Fire Pit - Copper. It has an elegantly simple concrete bowl crowned by a beautifully handmade copper table with ornamental legs. Decorative media fills the concrete bowl, covering a commercial grade stainless steel burner that produces tall, luxurious flames. Guests will be truly impressed with this fire pit.


  • Handmade copper table with concrete bowl
  • Commercial grade stainless steel burner
  • Up to 80,000 BTUs of heat output
  • CSA approved automatic ignition system available
  • Safety pipe train available for commercial installations

The 43" Vulsini Auto Ignition Commercial Fire Pit - Copper is an example of superb construction. The table contains high quality copper material, while its bowl is composed of glass-fiber reinforced concrete for extra endurance. The unit has also undergone a number of high stress tests—including ones for wind, rain, and temperature—and passed them all. With both strength and elegance, this fire pit will make an outstanding decorative addition to your outdoor space.


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