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Sojoe - Vinyl Fire Pit Cover (Forest Green)
Item#: 1221003

Protect your Sojoe fire pit from the rain, sleet, and snow with the Sojoe - Vinyl Fire Pit Cover (Forest Green). This cover is constructed from durable forest green vinyl and measures 32" in diameter.


  • 32" Diameter
  • Made from long-lasting forest green vinyl
  • Guards your fire pit against inclement weather
  • Fastens securely around base

The Sojoe - Vinyl Fire Pit Cover (Forest Green) has been designed to fasten securely around the base of your fire pit with a drawstring so that it doesn't slip partially off or blow away in the wind. This protectant cover is also easy to store out of sight when its not in use and at only 2 lbs, very lightweight.


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