Fireplace Toolsets
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Originally created to support firewood, andirons are now used less for utility and more as elegant decoration. Still, our selection of andirons remain unique and refined without losing any of their former functionality, built to support burning wood logs or simply stand as a testament to your superior taste and class.


Once designed to protect the rear wall of the fireplace from fire damage, firebacks now provide a singular flavor to your hearth with an old-world flare. In addition to being decorative, firebacks also improve the heat output of your fireplace by absorbing warmth from the fire, and then reflecting it back out into the room.


When a fire is beginning to die, the quickest way to get it going again is to increase the air supply. While kneeling to blow on the fire is an option, it doesn’t work quickly, and it can also be tiring. We want to make things easier for you, and that’s where our line of fireplace bellows comes in. Bellows provide a steady stream of air that will rejuvenate your fire quickly – and the bigger the bellows you use, the faster your fire will recover.


While a fireplace is an ideal place for a wood, ethanol, or gas burning fire, the hearth can be used for other applications as well. Our line of fireplaces candelabras take thinking outside the grate, spreading the flames thinner and finer in a tasteful way – and to finish off the design, we even have matching wall sconces for either side of your mantle, completing an essence of elegance.

Cast Iron Grilles

If you're looking to bring the allure of your fireplace grate to the rest of your home, our line of cast iron grilles personify a rugged charm with a natural warmth. Crafted to fit ten to twelve inch openings, our cast iron grilles transfer wood heat from one room to the next with an old-world fashion that will carry style and warmth throughout the entire house.

Fireplace Decor

Here at Woodland Direct, we believe that the fireplace is the natural centerpiece of the room – but like all centerpieces, a hearth alone may still be lacking without the proper accents. From mirrors to magazine holders, we’ve put together a wide selection of fireplace décor, giving you the complete means to finish your fireside the right way.


There are many things in life that go to waste, and few of them that should. Although it has become less common over time, the fireplace is a great place to cook certain foods and put natural heat to good use. By employing a fireplace crane arm or a popcorn popper, it’s only a simple matter of getting a the pot over the flames and you’ll be cooking before you know it.

Minuteman Achla Designs

Design your home and garden with unique items from Minuteman Achla Designs. Minuteman Achla Designs offers a large array of products that will help you set your home apart from any other in your neighborhood.

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