Le Click End Pieces with Hole - Natural Finish
Item#: 2790021

Add the Le Click End Pieces with Hole - Natural Finish to your Le Click tiles. This edge set creates a perfect edge on any Le Click interlocking flooring tile. Made of government approved plantation teakwood it is smoothly sanded with a soft loft to finish an area floor perfectly. This set has an oil finish and is mounted on a PVC later with stainless wood screws. There are two end pieces in this set to create an edge to two sides of a tile.

About teak: Teak is the most prestigious hardwood for patio and outdoor furniture manufacturing. Due to its natural high oil content it is resistant to impacts of weather, bugs and worms. Teak is temperature neutral and its beautiful warm honey brown shine makes it the preferred choice hardwood for long lasting patio design, outdoor and indoor use. When wet, teak wood does not turn slippery.


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