Le Click Premium Teak Floor Tile Spiral - Oiled Finish
Item#: 2790008

The Le Click Premium Teak Floor Tile Spiral - Oiled Finish is simply spectacular and offers a great variety of use where functionality and style need to go hand and hand. This flooring requires no hammer, glue or tools - just click the interlocking tiles together for beautiful teak hardwood floor just minutes later.

Use this flooring indoors or out, on roof tops or terraces, pool and spa projects, balconies, decks, patios and so much more! One of the key features for outdoor use: Water and small particles are flushed away between the slats, so you always walk on Le Click with perfectly clean and dry feet.


  • Made of government approved plantation teak
  • Covers 10 square feet
  • Box of ten tiles

About teak: Teak is the most prestigious hardwood for patio and outdoor furniture manufacturing. Due to its natural high oil content it is resistant to impacts of weather, bugs and worms. Teak is temperature neutral and its beautiful warm honey brown shine makes it the preferred choice hardwood for long lasting patio design, outdoor and indoor use. When wet, teak wood does not turn slippery.


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