4 x 4 Insulated Raised Garden Bed
Item#: 2900577

The 4 x 4 Insulated Raised Garden Bed will give your backyard gardening area the versatility that you've been looking for. This planter bed allows you to develop the shape that best fits your space by stacking additional Raised Garden Bed kits on top of each other. Each garden bed is made from recycled plastic and holds 7 cubic feet of soil.


  • Simple to set up
  • Transported in an economical shipping size
  • Includes four panels, four connectors and four steel stakes

With the 4 x 4 Insulated Raised Garden Bed, you'll have the healthiest flowers on the block. The side panels are hollow and insulated, which will help to stimulate your plant growth by maintaining a consistent temperature. Raised planter beds don't take up much space but can make a great difference in your gardening practices. They're easy to weed and allow you to better manage the environment of each of your plants.


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