Frequently Asked Questions about Rain Barrels

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Rain Barrel QuestionCan you drink water from your rain barrel?

Rain Barrel Answer The simple answer is NO. Rain water can be some of the cleanest water on earth; unfortunately once rain water touches your roof and runs through your downspout it is no longer pure. All manor of particulate and microbial impurities may then inhabit the water. These impurities, while harmless to your plants and lawn, may make a human or pet sick. If you intend on harvesting rain water for drinking then you must invest in a filtering system approved for drinking water.

Rain Barrel Question

Rain Barrel QuestionIf it is not safe to drink, is it safe to use in my yard?

Rain Barrel Answer Harvested rain water is perfectly safe to use on your plants, grass and garden. Be sure to wash any vegetables or fruits you grow with rain water before consumption.

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Rain Barrel QuestionWill using a rain barrel save me money and water?

Rain Barrel Answer Collecting this renewable resource will reduce your use of municipal or well water. This will save the local water supply and reduce your water bill by up to 50% in the summer months. Forty to fifty percent of water is used outdoors during the warmer summer months, so if you use collected rain water your water bill will decrease accordingly. Rain barrels help by collecting storm water that comes gushing out of your downspout.

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Rain Barrel Question Is collecting rain water legal?

Rain Barrel Answer In the majority of the United States collecting rain water is perfectly legal. However, you should check with your local ordinances to be sure you are within any guidelines set down.

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Rain Barrel Question What can I use my collected rain water for?

Rain Barrel Answer Harvested water uses:

  • Watering gardens and lawns
  • Trickle Irrigation Systems
  • Maintaining Pond Water Levels
  • Protecting Your Landscape Investment
  • Washing cars and windows
Rain Barrel Question

Rain Barrel QuestionWhat are the benefits of using a rain barrel?

Rain Barrel AnswerOne major benefit of collecting rain water is the savings. The collected water reduces your use of municipal or well water and helps to reduce your water bill. Another benefit of using rain barrels is the use of water that is collected can be used to water your lawns during water bans and will be available during a possible drought.

Rain barrels stop excessive water from entering our storm drains and over taxing our water treatment systems. Rain barrels also help prevent landscape degradation, flooding and limit water access to your foundation.

Also, rain water is not treated with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride which can inhibit plant growth. The naturally soft and healthy rain water will do wonders for your lawn and garden and because it is soft water it will leave give a spotless sheen to your car.

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