Culti-Cave Mini Greenhouse
Item#: 3080027

Grounded by a love of fresh greens and natural cultivation, the Culti-Cave Mini Greenhouse creates the opportunity for an extended growing season. Cheaper and more flexible than a traditional greenhouse, the UV stabilized PVC functions as an effective shield against pests, insects, and unforgiving weather.


  • Quick and easy to assembly
  • Protects vegetation from harsh weather
  • Connects to additional Culti-Caves to form a chain
  • Folds up to measure a mere 21” x 8” x 4”
  • Includes a tie-down cord, ground anchors, and optional wall-mount hardware

The Culti-Cave Mini Greenhouse gives you the room to branch out and build upward: with room for up to three UrBin growers, opposing zip-up doors, and a five foot vaulted ceiling, your vegetables will have the space they need to flourish. Not only is this shelter easily assembled, but it also folds down to nearly a fourth of its expanded size. The high grade infrastructure is easily maintained and durable enough to offer a controlled environment, keeping plants crisp and comfortable on the inside. In addition, by use of the dual doorways, single units can be united to supplementary components, allowing you to construct a pod-like, modular chain of structures built to your own specifications. Each Culti-Cave includes a tie-down cord, ground anchors, and an optional wall-mount to secure planters in the space of your choosing.


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