Wicky Grower (set of 4) - 20 lbs.
Item#: 3080030

Rooted in an interest for natural growth and healthy plant life, the Wicky Grower is the tangible realization of what a planter was always meant to be; by employing a cleverly placed water reservoir, vegetables and greenery are given an organic access to water, allowing for consistent sprouting without the risk of flooded plants.


  • Works in tandem with the Veggie Tower
  • Self watering system hydrates from the ground up
  • More natural form of plant sustenance
  • Never over- or under-waters your vegetables
  • Includes a 20 gallon pot, a saucer pan, and a soil separator

The Wicky Grower comes with four units and everything you need to get growing: a 20 gallon pot, a saucer pan, and a soil separator, all ready to plant, fertilize, and flourish. The self-watering system allows your plants to get nutrients the natural way – from the ground up, pulled through networks of root systems to holistically support verdure development. To accommodate advanced growth, each of the four planter pots is designed to intelligently nest a galvanized steel Veggie Tower, which will hold even the weightiest of vegetation as it spreads, flowers, and yields fresh crop. All you have to do is keep the water reservoir full, and let nature do the rest.


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