Cottage Trellis
Item#: 1850008

Our heavy-duty, high-quality vinyl trellises are maintenance free and their crisp, white color will not fade, crack, peel or rot! This vinyl material is manufactured right here in the USA using a unique powder process. The result is a more flexible, durable material than typical polyvinyl. You can be sure that you'll never have to paint this classic Cottage Trellis, and it's protected by a twenty-year warranty. What's more, all trellises come with a ground anchor system to secure it in your lawn.

For a simple, classic country feel in your garden, set our Cottage Trellis against a blank wall or use it as a screen in your yard. Its wide open lattice provides plenty of space for flowers to bloom! Because of its tough vinyl construction, the trellis will be as clean-looking and attractive even in the winter when the flowers fade.

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