Veggie Tower
Item#: 3080028

Building a more intelligent way to stimulate climbing vegetation, the Veggie Tower is formed of galvanized steel beams that have been sensibly placed to construct a lightweight, crisp, and sturdy base for dozens of types of vegetation, including vine tomatoes, Boston ivy, blackberries, and a vast selection of other plants.


  • Folds in fourths for convenient storage
  • Measures 48” tall
  • Built from zinc-coated galvanized steel
  • Strong enough to handle even the heaviest plants
  • Works seamlessly in tandem with the UrBin Grower planter

Rising up to lofty four feet in height, the Veggie Tower has been organically designed to provide the right amount of firm support, while leaving ample room for your vegetables to flourish – and as a natural companion to the UrBin Grower, this zinc-coated tower is able to nest as an intelligent, stand-alone, self-sustaining infrastructure for all of your gardening needs.


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