Compost Tea

Not Your Ordinary Tea...

The practice of brewing compost tea can be thought of as taking your compost to the next level. As the name implies, compost tea is made in much the same manner as traditional loose tea. Compost is steeped in water to create a liquid that is rich in nutrients and can be used in many ways.

Once you have some proper compost, making compost tea is easy using one of the brewers we offer here at Woodland Direct. Commercial tea brewers work to ensure proper aeration and creation of bacteria in a manner far superior to other methods.

Here is a brief introduction to the world of compost tea brewing.


Compost Tea Benefits

The idea behind compost tea is that compost is added to water, and then oxygenated air is cycled through the mixture to both stir and aerate. The air that is cycled through the mixture, allowing the beneficial fungi and bacteria to multiply at a much higher rate than if left in the compost pile.

The liquid created in this process is full of billions of beneficial organisms; among them are the aforementioned bacteria and fungi, along with organisms like nematodes and protozoa, all beneficial to plant growth and protection from plant disease.

Compost Tea can be used as a completely organic fertilizer. Commercial fertilizers still have to be broken down by soil to be effective. Water runoff can limit its effectiveness. Plus, commercial fertilizers generally contain non organic chemicals. Compost tea is an organic alternative to these harsh chemical fertilizers.

Compost tea can make your compost go farther. Once the liquid is extracted and used, the original compost used to make the tea still has plenty of beneficial compounds. This compost can be put back into the compost pile, or can be spread in the garden.

Application Methods

Foliar Spray Foliar Spray

When strained properly, compost tea can be put in a dispenser, and then sprayed directly on plants, including directly on the leaves. When sprayed directly on the plant, it can help leaves to stay disease free and fight future infection.

Soil Drench Soil Drench

Compost tea, whether strained or unstrained can be applied at the base of the plant. This injects nutrient rich liquid directly to the root system where it can be most beneficial. This is especially effective for starting young seedlings, giving them a strong nutrient base for successful growth.

Other Considerations

  • Water quality is important to achieving a successful tea. If you use city water, chlorine can be a problem, killing off vital organisms. To counteract this, aerate water according to manufacturer specifications before adding compost to evaporate the chlorine present
  • Compost Tea is UV Sensitive. Be sure to spread in the early morning or evening when UV rays less harsh and direct. This will help tea to last longer and have more benefit
  • Steeping time can vary from unit to unit. Check the manufacturer's specifications for optimal brewing conditions
  • It is recommended that tea is used soon after brewing, so plan accordingly
  • Woodland Direct offers microbial activators to improve the nutrient level of your compost tea