Kitchen Composting

Composting From the Comfort of Your Kitchen

Often, composting is thought of as an outdoor, warm weather activity. While this is usually the case, the composting process can be started, and even sometimes completed right in your kitchen. Recent advancements in composters have brought the compost pile indoors and successfully avoided the problems previously associated with the practice.

Kitchen composters are good for people that don't necessarily have the space to devote to having a large composting area in their backyard, but still want the benefits that composting offers. Kitchen composting units are generally small and portable, often fitting right on your countertop. This makes composting extremely convenient. Kitchen scraps are loaded into an airtight container, and then effortlessly carried outside periodically. Keeping kitchen waste in these bins also keeps it out of reach from pets, pests and insects.

Below are several types of composters that you can use in right your kitchen.

Kitchen Compost BinKitchen Bins

These bins are usually made of recycled plastic, making them extremely lightweight and portable. They are small enough to fit nearly anywhere in your kitchen for maximum convenience. An airtight lid snaps on to keep odor in, and a plastic handle makes for easy carrying. Some models include a carbon or charcoal filter that further eliminates odor. Sometimes, a spigot is found on the side of the unit which allows the liquid that is produced during the composting process to be drained periodically. This liquid is excellent for pouring into planters, or anywhere else an injection of rich nutrients is needed.

Kitchen Compost PailKitchen Pails

These small containers are an excellent addition to any countertop. They are aesthetically pleasing, coming in multiple colors and finishes like stainless steel to match a wide range of kitchen decor. They are also functional. Their small size allows them to fit right on the countertop, making the transition from cutting board to compost bin that much quicker and easier. These models also come with convenient carrying handles, making the trip outside a breeze. Many models have carbon or charcoal filtration systems build into the lid to contain any odor.

Electronic Kitchen ComposterElectronic Kitchen Composter

This type of composter is new to the market and represents a truly revolutionary step in composting. For the first time ever, the complete composting cycle can occur right in the kitchen, with little effort necessary on the part of the owner.

This type of composter uses a unique method of breaking down materials, allowing it to handle even materials that are not typically compost materials. Kitchen waste is added to the upper chamber where it is automatically mixed and heated. This supercharges the composting cycle, creating compost in weeks instead of months. Compost falls from the top chamber into the bottom tray, where it can be easily removed and carried to your garden.