Riga IIS Greenhouse
Item#: 2800036

The Riga IIS Greenhouse was specially designed with the home owner in mind, its shape allows for maximum inside head room, yet requires no eaves- requiring less structural material - making it easier to assemble. This greenhouse is perfect for your extended gardening season, no weather has ever destroyed any of these greenhouses other than tornadoes or hurricanes.

This greenhouse kit comes with one roof with opener and one rear wall window base; a single top shelf that is 14" deep; and a regular shelf with a flat poly sheet that is 25" deep.

One major advantage of the Riga's construction method is that the frame profiles are permanently attached to each other, and won't come loose over time due to wind pressures. This greenhouse also features first-class insulation. Greenhouse features:

  • Heavy duty Dutch Barn Door with keyed lock: 30" wide x 72"/79" tall
  • Oversized Rear Wall window: 30" wide x 42" high with adjustment arm
  • Roof Window(s): 40" w x 24" d ; with Automatic Window Opener
  • 8mm UV coated twin wall polycarbonate over main body
  • 10mm twin wall polycarbonate in front & back walls


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