2 x Tree Straps and "S" Hooks
Item#: 1930085

Quiet relaxation awaits you in the gentle curve of a soft fabric hammock—and these 2 x Tree Straps and "S" Hooks will help you get there. Safe and reliable for hammock placement, these straps are made from a non-slip, poly/nylon material.


  • Works with any hammock length
  • Made of strong, non-slip poly/nylon
  • Accommodates hammocks with or without spreader bars
  • Includes two 6’ tree straps and two zinc coated “S” Hooks
  • Eye rings are zinc coated to resist rust

Setting a precedent for relaxing afternoons, the 2 x Tree Straps and "S" Hooks are as durable as they are reliable. Whether you’re after an indoor recliner or an outdoor spot in the shade, these items will allow you to securely hang your hammock wherever you desire. Just loop the end of your straps around a load-bearing anchor (such as a tree,) and then feed through for a snug fit. In no time, you’ll have the means to curl up, open a book, and lose yourself in a peaceful afternoon.


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