Vivere Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps (2 Pack)
Item#: 4440031

Making the task of hanging your hammock both safe and easy, this Eco-Friendly Hammock Tree Straps 2 Pack has everything you need to kick of a relaxing afternoon. Constructed from heavy duty weather resistant nylon and zinc coated hardware to withstand the wear of the elements, Vivere has taken care to be sure that the time spent in your hammock is not only relaxing, but secure as well.


  • Holds up to 450 lbs.
  • Hardware is zinc coated to prevent rust and degradation
  • 10 foot weather resistant nylon straps will span nearly any tree
  • Includes two 10’ long nylon straps, two O-Rings, and two S-Hooks

Designed to create a space for relaxation without damaging the environment, this eco-friendly hammock hanging kit is manufactured to ensure that your time spent in your hammock begins peaceful, and stays that way. Installation is a simple matter of looping the nylon straps around a suitable tree and attaching your hammock. A comfortable afternoon has never been so simple – and with Vivere, it’s never looked this good.


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