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Cosmopolitan Square Firetable
Item#: 1756258

The Cosmopolitan Square Firetable is a contemporary design that will add character, entertainment and beauty to your outdoor living area. With it's simplistic design and multiple color options, it will be a great addition to your backyard.


  • Dimensions: 36" W x 36" D x 24" H
  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs/LP, 60,000 BTUs/NG
  • Can store a 20 lb. propane tank
  • 12" Star Burner included

The Cosmopolitan Square Firetable is the perfect height for enjoying a nice drink or meal with its wide surround. Select from multiple burning display options to enjoy the dancing flame with log, glass, gems or nuggets!

Constructed of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, the Cosmopolitan Square Firetable can withstand the weather elements. This unit runs on natural gas or propane - if you use propane, you can store the tank right inside the table!


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