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Kitchen Compost Scrap Can
Item#: 3110022

Don't toss those kitchen food scraps into the garbage or stuff them down the garbage disposal. Rather, make the Kitchen Compost Scrap Can a regular part of your kitchen clean up routine. The Kitchen Compost Pail is small enough to sit right on your counter where it's convenient to toss in all your kitchen scraps.


  • Metal exterior pail and plastic interior pail
  • Temporary compost storage for kitchen scraps
  • Inner pail removes for easy transport
  • Includes activated carbon filters to trap odors
  • Measures 7 diam. x 8H inches

The interior plastic pail is easily removable via the metal handle, so you have the flexibility to transfer the scraps to a larger compost bin or worm composter. Carbon filters are included to trap any odors inside. The Kitchen Compost Scrap Can comes with a compost pail, lid, interior pail, and carbon filter.


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