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Kitchen Composter - Black - 4.75 Gallons
Item#: 2340040

This air tight Kitchen Composter - Black - 4.75 Gallons is great for organic waste that you could not put in a traditional compost bin. It can take all kinds of food waste such as meat, fish, cooked food and dairy. This kitchen composter has an extra wide hatch for easy removal of compost.

This composter comes with a bag of Bokashi, a bran based material that has been prepared with EM (a mixed culture of naturally occurring friendly microorganisms) and is added as a compost activator. When Bokashi is used the food waste then ferments, allowing it to be safely composed.

This composter will hold scraps until taken out to your outdoor composter and makes compost tea. The amount of color of the tea drained will depend on the type of foods you have put into the bucket. The tea contains nutrients from the food organics and has beneficial microbes.


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