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Skid Steer Flip Flop - 20 Tons - 26" Opening
Item#: 3450045

The Skid Steer Flip Flop - 20 Tons - 26" Opening offers the best of both worlds. Keep the splitter upside down to split the unmanageable logs and flip is 180º and use the splitter's valve to do the final splits on your firewood. This splitter comes with a quick disconnect to make the changing of the hoses simple.


  • Splits logs up to 26" long
  • Up to 60,000 lbs of ram pressure
  • 5" cylinder has a 2" tail rod
  • 24" ram stroke

With a solid rectangular tube design there is no twisting or bending of the beam and the brass wear strips between the ram and beam will add years of life to this log splitter. The 10" splitting wedge mounts right to the hydraulic cylinder and with a flat faced quick disconnect it will fit onto a Bobcat.


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